The goal of Goley, Modoo Marble and Need for Speed

Every game has an objective which is considered an essential factor for the game’s developer while developing the game, because he always puts this factor in front of his eyes to do his best make it look as realistic as possible inside of his game because the more it looks realistic the more it attracts players to it, so for the soccer fans for example, when they see the game looks similar to the real life sport in all its aspects, they would have the urge to try it. For the action movies fans, when they see a game that has accurate aspects of the action or horror movies, they will be more motivated to try it and this is what Joygame company highly consider while picking the games that will be published to its players and you can see this in Goley, Modoo Marble and Need for Speed. In Goley, you need to prove that you are a perfect coach who can hardly be beaten. For Modoo Marble, you need to collect as many cities as possible and build facilities on to make sure that any of your opponents pay as much as possible when they stand by them. For Need for Speed, you need to buy a car and customize it from the inside and the outside to race with it against strong drivers in order to prove that you're the king of roads in the world of Need for Speed