Taking Care of the Singing Voice

It is important for singers to take care of their voices especially if they would like to make a lifetime career out of it. Even some famous singers and artists have experienced losing their voice because their vocal cords have been damaged or injured because of too much strain on it. Some singers may also develop certain diseases like cancer which could affect their throat and other parts of their speech organ that they also use in singing. However, with the right perspective and good health habits, people may be able to preserve their excellent voice quality even as they age.

People have only one set of vocal cords for their entire lifetime so singers have to do their best in taking care of it so that they may enjoy sharing their good voices through singing. They will be able to do this by keeping themselves in the best of health always. Singers have to eat good and healthy foods as well. They also have to do regular exercises and to get enough sleep so that bodies remain in top condition. Singers may have to avoid some types of food like spicy ones as the acid in their stomach may rise up going to their throat. They are also advised to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and to refrain from smoking if that would be possible.

Singers who would like to succeed and stay long in the music industry also have to live healthy lifestyles. They need to get sufficient sleep so staying up all night should be done sparingly as their bodies need to recover from stress and to repair itself during the sleep process. A healthy body will enable singers to sing powerfully as well because they have the energy to do so. Singers have to consider these things in order for them to be able to take care of their singing voice and to enjoy having it for a long time as well.

Aside from correct diet, healthy lifestyles, enough sleep and regular exercises, singers also have to learn how to breathe properly. They will have to do this even while they are speaking because they should see to it that their vocal cords are not strained as this can cause damage. They also have to do their vocal scale practices the right way. Practicing will really help singers to become better but they have to do it properly so that they do not cause any injury to their vocal cords. Singers need to remember these things and to do them as well if they would like to maintain their singing voices over the years.

Toadies - Play Rock Music

Remember this band?... It seemed like the Toadies ruled the air waves back in the mid 90's, after the release of Rubberneck in 1994. One song off that album, "Possum Kingdom," has even achieved somewhat cult status in recent years with new generations. Every song on that album was great, and then they just disappeared. Interscope records put the kabosh on their follow up album "Feeler," which finally saw the light of day in 2010.

One of the things I always liked the most about the Toadies was the dark undertones in their music. I have frequently heard the Toadies called "alt-rock," but they really defy most labels. Part grunge, part heavy drinking bar band, part west Texas/ZZ Top boogie, there is a lot to like about this band.

Well, the band from Fort Worth, Texas is back again. This time with Play.Rock.Music. The band has said in interviews that they felt more freedom recording this record than any other, that's good news for us, as the Toadies are best when they are unbridled and doing what they do best.

The album starts out with "Rattler's Revival," a great rockin' opener that made me very optimistic about the rest of the tracks. I was further rewarded with the next song, "Low." This is my favorite on the album, a loud guitar rocker that makes you want to push the pedal down while your driving. This song has pumping guitar and rock steady drumming that goes back and forth from bass line only breaks, to dual guitar down strumming. Songs on the album like "Magic Bullet" and "Epic Castles" keep the tempo and energy up.

"Summer of the Strange" has that dark feel, and is all about losing control/hold. Lots of whining guitar and rumbling bass lines throughout.

The closest you get to "Possum Kingdom" on this release would have to be "Beside You." A creepy song that says even though "you don't really know me," that "I'll always be closer than you know."

"Sunshine" is a twisted ballad, and another track that takes you back to Rubberneck, this time reminding me very much of "I Burn." A slower tempo song with a rumbling bass line that builds into Vaden Todd Lewis's trademark singing/screaming. The whole song keeps building and pulling back, like the New York Dolls classic "Frankenstein."

The song "Animals" is another classic sounding Toadies tune, about our primal human urge. It's another rocker that repeats "Tonight we're just two animals." Lots of tempo switches and a booming chorus.

"Laments of a Good Man" is a less serious song that is filled with jerky guitar and call and response versus. The chorus switches into a Rollins Band type slow, driving groove... "It's so hard to be a man, to be a good man."

Another style stand out is "We Burned the City Down." This track is a full blown Texas blues/boogie track, complete with slide guitar. The theme is a nihilistic commentary current living, "no longer slaves to modern ways" we burned the city down...

The album ends with the slowest song (the only slow song... ) on the album, "The Appeal." At over six minutes, it's also the longest on the album. This track features some chorus effect guitar, and a bluesy backbeat. But don't worry, there are some good build ups, but it never goes over the top like the rest of the album. You almost need the rest by the time you get to this track.

At the end of the day, this is an overall impressive release. Play.Rock.Music. could have easily been the follow up to Rubberneck back in the 90's. I guess what I'm saying is that this is a Toadies album, a real one. Although it is their 5th release, it is IMHO by far the most vibrant and complete piece of work they have put out since their debut. It's nice to have a good rock and roll album come out, it seems like that seldom happens anymore.